Now that my oldest child has reached the high school grades, I'm picking up some of the teaching load. I've laid out a three year plan for reading in the final high school years. Here is what we will be going through. For each, after we've covered the book, I'll post my files used to guide the discussion.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted any discussion topic files lately. For the curious: we are still doing the reading list, but I've found that the discussion fodder isn't necessary.

Year 1

Being Logical; D.Q. Mcinerny (PowerPoint)
How to Read a Book; Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren (PowerPoint, Synopsis)
The Conscience of a Conservative; Barry M. Goldwater (PowerPoint)
How to Lie with Statistics; Darrell Huff, Irving Geis (PowerPoint)
The Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and the other ammendments (PowerPoint)
The Declaration of Independence (See The Constitution PowerPoint)
Harrison Bergeron; Kurt Vonnegut (PowerPoint)
Pilgrim's Progress; John Bunyan (No PowerPoint, I'll have to make one for the next kid!)
The Knowledge of the Holy; A. W. Tozer (PowerPoint)
The Screwtape Letters; C. S. Lewis (No PowerPoint, I'll have to make one for the next kid!)
The Elements of Style; William Strunk Jr., E.B. White (PowerPoint)

Other Courses

Before embarking on this three year study of some good and a few great books, I taught the following home schooling classes:

Introduction to Biblical Greek
Introduction to Propositional Logic