Even though I no longer use Emacs regularly, I'm still on the side of good in the editor wars.

I think my code is clearer, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm violently opposed to your code. I save violent opposition for really important matters like which text editor you use.
    — Roy Smith

The number of the beast - vi vi vi
    — Unknown Source, found at Cool Quotes Collection

What is vi???...Determined to figure it out, I studied the vi man page, which was about as intuitive as vi itself, by I eventually got the hang of it.
    — Alex Shinn, in A Brief History of Text Editors

LILO boot: linux init=/usr/bin/emacs
    — Greg Ward, from Geocrawler Archives

...Emacs, which might be thought of as a thermonuclear word processor.
    — Emacs vs. Vi Wiki

In 'Doctor' mode, I spent a good ten minutes telling Emacs what I thought of it. (The response was, 'Perhaps you could try to be less abusive.')
    — Matt Welsh

You'll have to pry my Emacs from my cold dead oversized control-pressing left pinky finger.
    — Randal L. Schwartz, in gnu.emacs.help, quoted by Edward O'Connor

You don't go back to using vi because "Emacs is too complicated". Only people with serious mental defects "go back to vi".
    — Per Abrahamsen, in gnu.emacs.help, quoted by Edward O'Connor

If you don't use emacs, you're a pathetic, mewling, masochistic weakling and I can't be bothered to convert you.
    — Ron Echeverri