• 16 oz frozen bread dough, thawed
  • ¼ lb sliced ham
  • ¼ lb pepperoni
  • ½ t dried basil
  • ½ t dried oregano
  • 3 oz sliced provolone
  • 1 c shredded mozzarella
  • 2 T butter melted
  • 1 t cornmeal


Grease baking sheet. Flatten dough into rectangle.

Put ham, pepperoni, cheese, and seasonings in center of dough - leave enough dough uncovered for next step.

Sprinkle cornmeal on baking sheet. Fold dough over filling and press to seal. Flip entire thing over to seam is on the bottom, next to the baking sheet.

Brush dough with melted butter.

Bake at 375 until golden brown and delicious, approx. 20 minutes.


Cooking time: 30 minutes