You claim that God was a doctor. In fact this very same debate was held by a doctor, an architect and a lawyer.

“Medicine,” said the doctor, “is the oldest profession. After all did not God cause a sleep to fall upon Adam at which point he removed a rib and fashioned it into Eve? Was this not the first operation with anesthetic. Therefore, medicine is the oldest profession”

“Not so fast,” replied the architect, “What about a week earlier? God created the heavens and earth from primordial choas. This was clearly a giangantic act of design, therefore architecture is the oldest profession.”

“Wait,” said the lawyer, “Who do you think made primordial choas?”
    — Jonah Goldberg correspondent

The American Bar Association says that there are too many people in prison. My view: Not enough of them are lawyers.
    — John J. Miller

Q: What are 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
A: A good start.
    — Michael Ströder, found on comp.lang.python, though Michael is hardly the first to make this joke